Partner with Us

CCF enjoys relationships with hundreds of organizations. We have nonprofit organizations, businesses, and governmental bodies that provide direct donations and grants to fund scholarships and college programs. We have client relationships with groups that utilize workforce training programs at our Center for Corporate Training. We also work with organizations to develop joint-venture, revenue-creating endeavors. Learn more about our partners.

1. Brand and Values Alignment. Your brand is paramount to your success. The Foundation logo and Cerritos College's stamp of the flying Falcon are essential to Cerritos College because they represent our mission and values.  We select partners whose brand fits with ours in terms of mission/vision, products and programs offered, and scope of involvement. Let us review your criteria for support and investment to understand how we can best work together to fund student futures.

2. Proof of Impact. We understand that your shareholders and donors deserve to know specifically how your involvement furthered our mission and yours. That's why we provide:

  • Reports that show how your partnership makes a difference to our students
  • News stories highlighting how your involvement created impact
  • Opportunities for employee engagement (Matched Giving, Champions Challenge, Campus Tours, Scholarship Receptions, Partner Roundtable)
  • Increased brand awareness

3. Sound History and Financials. CCF has been funding student futures since 1979 and has a long track record of solid asset management.

4. Other Benefits:

  • Increased awareness of your philanthropic involvement
  • Increased sales or products or service because of philanthropic awareness or workforce training
  • Increased employee engagement, morale, and retention
  • Unpaid media attention (for example, mentions of your participation via social media, broadcast news, print publications)
  • Increased customer and brand loyalty
  • A motivating purpose for company and staff
  • Increase shareholder return, employee skill development, team building, and leadership from workforce training and employee engagement programs
  • Attract new business partners and relationships
  • Receive a tax donation for contributions

Ready to Partner? Contact the Cerritos College Foundation staff to discuss opportunities.